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Model: ALYA 003
Egyptians were deep believers in jewellery’s spiritual significance. It was worn to ward off evil spirits, protect their health, as well as bring good luck.STORYIn ancient Egypt both men and women were great lovers of jewellery and adorned themselves with a profusion of charms and amulets. Jewellery..
Ex Tax:6,500€
Model: ALYA 008
STORYAriel is a spirit who appears in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.  He is the symbol of modesty and loyalty as he serves Prospero loyally, lovingly, cheerfully and wisely. He is a symbol of freedom embodying fancy and the imaginative genius of poetry.PRODUCT DETAILSGold Type: Solid 1..
Ex Tax:4,800€
Model: ALYA 009
PRODUCT DETAILSGold Type: Solid 18 karat goldGem / Carat : Tsavorites 0,33 carats , Diamonds 0,50 carats & Pink Sapphires 0,03 carats..
Ex Tax:12,410€
Custom Made Beloved Necklace | Beloved Collection
2-3 Days
Model: ALYA 006
This Necklace is customade, reflecting true love and symbols that represent your personal story and unique bond with the ones you love.STORYInspired by the deepest form of love, a Mother’s unconditional love towards her child, The BELOVED necklace is a symbol of this unbreakable bond.The tree branch..
Ex Tax:0€
Model: ALYA 005
The Dragonfly is the symbol of metamorphosis and transformation.STORYThe dragonfly is an etheral creature and one of the oldest of the insect species. Dragonflies start to grow in water and then move into the air and fly. Representing both air and water, they are a symbol of transformation and adapt..
Ex Tax:6,170€
Model: ALYA 007
STORYThe moon and the sun were commonly referred to by the ancient Egyptians as "the two lights", and the weaker light of the Moon is compared to the evening Sun. The sun is the giver of life, controlling the ripening of crops which were worked by man. Because of the life-giving qualities of th..
Ex Tax:9,700€
Model: ALYA 004
Desired and honoured by all.STORYThe bee is a symbol of wisdom, for it shows adeptness at aiding the cycles of nature. In ancient cultures and myths the bee was a direct representative of the Gods and the Goddesses of heaven. The bee was sacred to the Goddess Venus and , according to mystics, it is ..
Ex Tax:540€
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